Public Interest Design Education Guidebook: Curricula, Strategies and SEED Academic Case Studies

Educating the Next Generation of Social Innovators: Designmatters at ArtCenter

Written by Mariana Amatullo, Dan Gottlieb, Penny Herscovitch, and Susannah Ramshaw

This paper is part of the SEED Networks 2017 Public Interest Design Education Guidebook published by Routledge with lead editors: Lisa M. Abendroth and Bryan Bell


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Safe Niños: Designing Empathic Environments for Child Burn Survivors

Written by Mariana Amatullo, Penny Herscovitch and Stella Hernandez

This paper, presented at the 2016 Cumulus Hong Kong Conference: Open Design for  E-very-thing – exploring new design purposes outlines the design process and prototyping phase of the Safe Ninos Project.

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Insights from Integrating a Design Attitude Approach to the Innovation Ecosystem of International Development

By Mariana Amatullo, presented at the Academic Design Management conference, in Boston, MA, July 28-29, 2016

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Innovation for International Development: Navigating the Paths and Pitfalls
The Balancing Act of an Innovation Unit

Written by Chris Fabian & Mariana Amatullo

This paper is part of Nesta’s 2016 Innovation for International Development Publication with lead authors Ben Ramalingam and Kirsten Bound

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Fostering Effective Models for Social Entrepreneurship in Design Education: Lessons Learned from the Safe Agua Case Study

Written by Mariana Amatullo, Penny Herscovitch and Mariana Prieto

This paper, presented at the 2015 Cumulus Mumbai Conference: A Vision of Sustainability with Focus on Water outlines the outcomes of the Safe Agua collaboration.

Best Paper Award, IDC IIT Bombay

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Where's Daryl? Educational toolkit Poster / One Sheet

The poster for the “Where’s Daryl? Educational Toolkit” presented at the APHA Public Health Expo.


DMI Review: Design and Purpose, the Social Innovation Issue

An interview with Designmatters Vice President Mariana Amatullo in the Social Innovation Issue of Design Management Institute’s quarterly publication.

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Codifying Practices in an Emergent Space: Insights from the LEAP Symposium on the New Professional Frontier in Design for Social Innovation

Mariana Amatullo’s in-depth look at the inaugural LEAP Symposium, published in the Design Principles and Practices Journal Annual Review.

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The Most Wicked Problem of All: Implementation

Published as part of the “Design for All: Year of the Woman” newsletter.

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Under the Bonnet: Exploring the Mechanics of Design Collaborations for Social Impact

A joint presentation by Muireann McMahon and Mariana Amatullo for the Cumulus Dublin Conference, 2013.

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Public and Collaborative: Exploring the Intersection of Design, Social Innovation and Public Policy

A collection that includes Mariana Amatullo’s essay on The Teen Art Park initiative.

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Design and Social Impact: A Cross-Sectoral Agenda for Design, Education, Research and Practice

A thorough and insightful look at social impact design, produced by Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the NEA and the Lemelson Foundation.

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Perspectives About Design Education for Social Innovation: the Safe Agua Case Study

This paper, presented at the Cumulus Chile Conference (2012) outlines the goals, methodologies and outcomes of the Safe Agua collaboration.

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ARTMATTERS at Art Center College of Design: Curricular Notes on Art Practice, Places, and Social Engagement

“Curricular Notes on Art Practice, Place, and Social Engagement,” a joint presentation for the Cumulus Helsinki Conference, 2012.

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Designmatters Case Studies: Design Education Methodologies as a Tool for Social Innovation

“Educational Methodologies as a Tool for Social Innovation” presents case studies of Safe Agua projects in Chile and Guatemala.

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Safe Agua: A Collaboration between Un Techo Para Mi Paid and Art Center College of Design

This paper, presented at the Cumulus Shanghai Conference (2010) outlines the goals, methodologies and outcomes of the Safe Agua collaboration.

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Leading Change for Social Impact: Case Studies from Designmatters

Mariana Amatullo presents case studies from Designmatters in The Journal of Design Strategies (Parsons School for Design, 2010).

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Improving Cancer Prevention and Communication: Two Case Studies from the Portfolio of Designmatters

Mariana Amatullo and Elena Salij present two Designmatters case studies as part of Esomar Global Healthcare 2010 Research Papers.

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Images for Human Rights: Student Voices

A discussion in Counselling Psychology Quarterly (2009) of the poster exhibition Human Rights: Student Voices organized by Designmatters and Art Center College of Design.

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Design Education as a Change Agent

By Mariana Amatullo, and presented at the Changing the Change conference, in Torino, Italy, July 11-12, 2008, also published by Allemandi Conference Press.

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Design Education for International Engagement: Art Center College of Design

By Mariana Amatullo, Erica Clark, and Richard Koshalek.

Published in Journal of the World Universities Forum, and presented at The Inaugural International Forum on World Universities: The Role And The Future of The University In A Changing World, in Davos, Switzerland, January 31-February 2, 2008.

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Designmatters @ Art Center College of Design: Design Advocacy and Global Engagement

Published as part of the Cumulus Working Papers and presented at the Cumulus “Design, Ethics and Humanism” conference (Nantes, France, 2006).

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The Development of International PSAs and Break-through Messaging about Under-aged Alcohol Drinking

A detailed look at the motivation, logistics and development of an international PSA campaign to combat underage drinking.


Design as a Platform for Diplomacy: Designmatters @ Art Center College of Design

Designmatters cofounders Mariana Amatullo and Erica Clark present a vision for design’s key role in addressing the many global issues confronting humanity.

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