Supporting the Programme of Action of the ICPD: A Campaign to Promote Young People’s Voices and Choices

Host department:

Graphic Design
Nik Hafermaas, Chair

DM department:

Mariana Amatullo
Elisa Ruffino


Gloria Kondrup, Professor, Graphic Design and Director, Archetype Press
Ming Tai, Instructor, Graphic Design and Director, Motion Design
Le Mer Walker, Instructor, Graphic Design

Expert advisors:

Prateek Awasthi, Adolescent and Youth Programme, United Nations Population Fund
Christian Delsol, Media Specialist, United Nations Population Fund
Sarah P. Burns, Director of Development, Just Foreign Policy
Penny Florence, Chair of Humanities and Design Sciences, Art Center College of Design
Gala Narezo, Co-Founder, What Moves you?


Pamela Abolian
Brett Beynon
Kenneth Chan
Andrew Chen
Lisa Chen
Ka Kit Cheong
Daniel Choi
Il Chan Chun
Heather Grates
Crystal Kim
Kevin Lam
Esther Park
Jerod Rivera
Lamson To
Hyunsun Yoo