Congratulations Mariana Prieto!

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March 28, 2016

Designmatters congratulates Mariana Prieto (Product Design + Designmatters Concentration, ’12) on her new position: Design Lead and Co-Founder of the International Rescue Committee Innovation Team!


Mariana is an experience and strategy designer with a focus on design for social impact. She has applied her multicultural background and passion for people and travel towards finding solutions that are empowering, beautiful, and culturally appropriate. She graduated with honors from the ArtCenter College of Design with a Designmatters Concentration. In 2012, Mariana was the co-lead and license holder for the first-ever TEDx event at ArtCenter. She also works with creativity and design workshops meant to inspire those that are not in the design field to find their creative spark when they need it.

Check out Mariana’s 2013 TEDx Presentation at CalTech