Designing for Kids Book Launch and Panel Discussion

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January 29, 2019

Designers rarely have the opportunity to work with children when creating products, images, experiences and environments for them.

Therefore, the distinctions between age transitions and day-to-day experiences of children are often overlooked. Designing for Kids by Krystina Castella offers actionable methodologies that will help designers understand child development, and explores things like playtesting, safety standards, and the lasting impact on children as they progress.


February 7, 2019


ArtCenter South Campus Windtunnel Gallery

950 S. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, CA 91105



Krystina Castella (Professor, ArtCenter College of Design, Author, Consultant)

Krystina Castella is a professor of industrial design and business at ArtCenter College of Design Krystina has practiced as a designer and has taught at ArtCenter College of Design across disciplines for almost three decades. Her research and teaching center around designing for play, the intersection between design and ethical business, designing for social innovation, and sustainable materials and manufacturing innovation.



Mari Nakano (Design Director, NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity)

Mari Nakano practices what design can do for products services and teams in the social impact space. She is currently the Design Director at the NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity and uses research and innovation to reduce poverty and increase equity.  She is former Design and Interaction Lead for UNICEF’s office of innovation where she focused on developing forward thinking solutions to improve the lives of children around the world.


Dan Winger (Design Manager, Digital Innovation LEGO Group)

For over 10 years Dan Winger has worked within The LEGO Group’s product innovation team. He designs and develops various new experiences bridging physical and digital play across a variety of technologies, platforms and user types. He is a STRATEGIC INNOVATOR, EXPERIENCE DESIGNER, MAKER, ARTIST, and STORYTELLER.


Lauren Kaye (Chief Officer of Learning Environments at Kidspace Children’s Museum)

Her experience and interests are in developing early childhood education methodologies into exhibits and visitor experiences, both in indoor and outdoor environments.  She serves on the board of the Child Educational Center, home of the Outdoor Classroom Project, which is dedicated to increasing the quantity, quality, and benefit of outdoor experiences for children.


Alice Fung (Principal, Fung and + Blatt Architects | Professor, USC Roski School of Art and Design)

Alice’s architecture prioritizes the human experience, connection to place, and investigation into diverse patterns of habitation. She has won several awards for elevating the learning experience in the expansion and redesign of the Sequoyah School in Pasadena; where the school’s philosophy impacted the design decisions, the research, the project’s development and outcomes.


Valerie Poliakoff Struski (Executive Creative Director, Kantar Added Value)

Everything Valerie does is focused on cutting through the noise to get to the essence of what matters- both professionally and personally.  Valerie works in the market research and strategy space helping clients find a clear voice and focused strategy.  She previously worked for Walt Disney Imagineering R&D and HP R&D as a Design Strategist. Additionally, she is the Mom of a remarkable child who happens to have some special needs. Overall, she is an advocate for diversity and inclusivity for both children and adults.





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