Faculty Perspective: Infographics for Social Change Workshop

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Jini Keasling, Faculty, ArtCenter November 20, 2018

In October,  Jessica Bellamy (Motion/ Infographic designer and Adobe Creative Residency Alum) held a workshop at ArtCenter, as part of a week long Designmatters mini-residency.  ArtCenter faculty and alumna, Jini Keasling shares her experience participating in Jessica’s Infographics for Social Change: A Graphic Ally Hackathon workshop!

Jessica’s workshop was such a beautiful take on strong and clear design language married with a passion for social impact. Not only was Jessica’s energy inspiring in the class but her vast experience with her GRIDS agency work brought a level of authenticity and professionalism.

I have used her as an example in my Packaging/Graphics classes and Product Design classes since the workshop. What helped me most was the design process. Jessica’s way of organizing detailed information into a clear and visually compelling story is amazing to watch. She also spent time talking about the value of understanding your demographic in an empathetic way in order to communicate their information appropriately. This felt like a seamless transition into the work that we produce as a college surrounding human-centered design. Overall, the workshop was a well choreographed taste of grassroots infographics design thinking.


WORKSHOP: Infographics for Social Change: A Graphic Ally Hackathon, presented by Designmatters. Taught by Jessica Bellamy, Adobe Creative Resident & Motion Infographic Designer. Photo Credit: Juan Posada