Leap Dialogues – Career Pathways in Design For Social Innovation

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May 4, 2016

Designmatters is thrilled to announce our newest publication LEAP Dialogues: Career Pathways in Design For Social Innovation, supported by the Autodesk Foundation and Venturewell.

LEAP Dialogues is a first of its kind book that explores the new career pathways in social innovation for designers, with contributions from 84 thought-leaders from across disciplines and sectors. These contributors encompass critical and diverse points of view, stories and experiences about key issues direct from the field, creating a multilayered picture of how this field is being shaped.The book’s distinctive dialectic framework, presented through a series of informal dialogues interposed with first person essays, “day in the life” entries and case studies, addresses the spectrum of challenges and opportunities for designers building career pathways in social innovation, and for the organizations and institutions looking to support those careers. The interesting and unexpected pairings of perspectives in the dialogues push each other to uncover stimulating insights and debatable ideas that are at times provocative, at times reflective, at times informative but always engaging and accessible.


Lead Editor Mariana Amatullo, Editorial Team Members Bryan Boyer, Liz Danzico and Andrew Shea and Managing Editor Jennifer May presented an advance look at the publication at LEAP 2/The Value of Design plenary session on April 10.

The book will celebrate its official launch on May 10 at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. Leap Dialogues will be in bookstores through Distributed Arts Publishers Fall 2016.

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