Students Travel to Lima, Peru to Test Safe Agua Peru Midterm Concepts

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November 18, 2011

Students Mariana Prieto (Product Design) and Erik Anderson (Graduate Broadcast Cinema) recently completed a return trip to Lima, Peru as part of the Fall term Safe Agua Peru studio.

This was their second trip to Lima, following the initial field research trip in August when the entire team (faculty and students) conducted community interviews and preliminary research in the Cerro Verde region, one of Peru’s poorest areas in the mountains of Lima [see the field research teaser here]. The team came back to  Art Center ready to begin the long process of concepting and developing their projects, which are aimed at alleviating the water access challenges of Cerro Verde families.

The focus for Mariana and Erik on this recent trip was to collect key user feedback on the first round of prototypes that have been developed so far in the Peru studio, as well as to test some of the latest prototypes that emerged from the Safe Agua Chile studio.

For additional info on Safe Agua visit the Safe Agua Exhibition page.

Check out more pictures from Erik and Mariana’s trip below.