WORKSHOP: Service Design for a Better World w/ Marina Terteryan

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February 2, 2018


How can you use design to make an impact on issues that you care about the most?

Service Design is a growing area of design that helps imagine and improve services that impact us every day. About 80% of the world’s economy is made up of services – from commercial services like hotels and doctor’s offices, to public services like the DMV, education, government and more.


Marina Terteryan, Service Designer and Founder of The Why Lab

Marina is a well-rounded design strategist with a deep love for service design, innovation, strength-based leadership, and all things human-centered. With an emphasis on storytelling and customer journey, she employs the design thinking process to help organizations of all sizes create sustainable growth.


Friday, February 9 (Week 4)


RSVP to by Wednesday, February 7.


1111 Building, Room 306