15 Years of Alumni Accomplishments: Kristine Bowne

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Kristine Bowne March 8, 2016


FullSizeRenderI was touched and honored when my colleague Mariana Amatullo asked me to pen something in celebration of 15 years of Designmatters at ArtCenter. The anniversary of the program (almost) aligns with my own anniversary with the college and it has been remarkable to witness the development of Designmatters firsthand. I sit in amazement at its impact, both on our own community and the communities we serve.

ArtCenter alumni have an 85-year history of contributing to our world through their talent, insights and innovations. However, from the launch of this initiative and now rich and far-reaching program, the opportunity for our students and alumni to actively participate in the betterment of our world through hands on making and doing has been a revelation.

Through our United Nations designation as a non-governmental organization, to our Safe Aqua programs in Chile, Peru and Colombia – and now Safe Niños – to our projects in Kenya, India and many projects closer to home, Designmatters has changed the lives of our students, faculty and alumni by exploring women’s health, gun violence and gang rehabilitation post incarceration. These projects and the PEOPLE they have worked with have sent a community of dedicated, compassionate and thoughtful artists and designers into their creative fields with the knowledge that they are instruments of change. That type of empowerment is transformational.

We have seen many students specifically choose ArtCenter because of Designmatters. To me, one of the most touching impacts of this program is to see our students participate in a Designmatters project and have that experience change their path through their education and into their creative careers. They choose their future by looking through a different lens, and move through the world with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the world and the impact they can have.

Designmatters has touched thousands of our students and alumni in the past 15 years and provided a path to our world and its people that is truly a gift. I toast Mariana and her team, our faculty and our students and alumni! Cheers to you and wishing you many more years of truly creative impact!


Kristine Bowne

Vice President, Alumni and Industry Engagement


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