15 Years of Partnerships: Aquarium of the Pacific

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Jerry R. Schubel, PhD President and CEO, Aquarium of the Pacific March 17, 2016


The Aquarium of the Pacific’s partnership with Designmatters dates back to 2011.  Over the years, the partnership has evolved and now is an important element of most of the exhibitions the Aquarium develops. The partnership also was instrumental in the formation of the Aquarium’s new “Arts and Sciences Initiative.”  We are now engaged in the most ambitious collaborative project to date:  a partnership that includes the Aquarium, Designmatters, and a number of scientists led by Professor Douglas McCauley who wrote an important article in Science magazine on the looming crisis of extinction of marine life.  Students and their faculty mentors in Designmatters and other ArtCenter departments are using the visual and interactive arts to make this issue come alive and to engage our 1.6 million visitors in ways that entertain, educate, and empower.


The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is currently partnering with the Interaction Design and Designmatters departments, as well as a team of researchers and experts, to explore interactive and engaging methods to educate Aquarium visitors on the issues surrounding animal loss in the world’s oceans to empower them to take immediate action. The outcome of the course will be reflected in the Aquarium’s exhibit on marine defaunation, launching in May 2016.

Past Collaborations

Project Coastal Crisis challenged students to develop educational campaign strategies and products to bring public awareness about the impact of Sea Level Rise in Southern California Coastal communities.



Open Ocean prompted students to create BIG, BOLD, RADICAL strategies to drive public inspiration and commitment to ocean exploration.

open ocean extra_CC Open-Ocean-team-pic_openo_CC-1024x512 Open-Ocean


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