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Patrice Martin & Jocelyn Wyatt March 25, 2016


Congratulations Designmatters!

Thank you for playing such a critical role in bringing design and creativity to our world’s most important challenges. Designmatters has led the way in showing young designers how much they have to offer to society, and that opportunities for powerful design extend far beyond products and experiences for the private sector. Over the past 15 years, Designmatters has trained some of our best emerging designers and helped them direct their talents, skills, and generative thinking to the transformative solutions our world most needs. When creativity has a real role in tackling the pressing problems of our time, we can’t help but feel optimistic. Thank you, Designmatters for paving the way and being a valued partner to IDEO.org in establishing design’s crucial position in social impact.


Patrice Martin

Co-Lead and Creative Director, IDEO.org

Jocelyn Wyatt

Co-Lead and Executive Director, IDEO.org


Help us celebrate 15 Years of Designmatters by using the hashtag #DM15Yrs

Catch up on the entire campaign at  designmattersatartcenter.org/category/dm15 

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