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Timothy Kordic March 24, 2016


Tim Face PicOver time things change and one of the biggest changes today is how youth communicate and how they acquire information. Working in schools within the Los Angeles Unified School district on prevention-education, it is important to me to find the best ways to teach my students about the skills they will need for the rest of their lives in order to help them become empowered patients and make the world a better place.

Beginning in 2011, I served as the project lead for LAUSD in partnering with Designmatters on the “Where’s Daryl” campaign, geared toward anti-gun violence. The outcome was an anti-gun violence educational toolkit for educators and middle school aged youth that focuses on prevention through a character named Daryl.

The curriculum materials are of extraordinarily high quality, and the middle-school students they’re designed for are ideal candidates for this campaign. The tone and approach are fresh and the pilot program here in Los Angeles holds promise for national expansion.

Designmatters Partners With LAUSD to Make Guns Uncool_BW

The “Where’s Daryl?” educational toolkit, offers a highly flexible set of lessons for use in the classroom.

Designmatters has provided this amazing opportunity to take our idea and breathe life into it through the campaign they designed.

I started working at the YMCA in their youth programs at age 15. My passion for working with kids and making a difference just grew from there. And together with Designmatters, I’m able to continue to change the world.


Tim Kordic is the Project Manager for the LAUSD HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit.  For the past several years, he has been involved with comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention-education for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  The units core funding is by a grant from the CDC Division of Adolescent School Health. The funding helps the District meet the mandates around STDs, HIV, and teen pregnancy prevention. He started as an educator in middle school.

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