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Nancy Greystone March 23, 2016

Coaniquem: The Healing Cloud

The topic: A healing center for severely burned children living in South America and Latin America.

The challenge: Shifting perceptions around a topic–unavoidably thought of as a devastating–so that all audiences would remain open to the story’s educational message.

The deeper challenge: Telling the story of that center—Coaniquem—in a way that captured the spirit, exuberance and hope of its Founder, Dr. Jorge Rojas.

The results: Numerous. And all had their roots with a mischievous mascot (Santi) that the class then dropped into: a set of children’s books, an activity book, an education packet, a song… and more. So much more. Yet every piece of Coaniquem’s print and awareness campaign seamlessly wove in Santi’s “voice,” and used it to tell its story in a way that made accessing the information easy and fun.

The deeper message: A story that not only taught, but ultimately inspired.


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