15 Buzzwords for 15 Years: Co-creation

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Penny Herscovitch & Dan Gottlieb January 25, 2016

Reflection on Co-creation:

We believe that empathy and human connection are the heart of the design process in seeking to create social impact. Co-creation with our partner community at each step of the process is essential to understand user priorities, identify key challenges and opportunities, generate ideas, test and iterate prototypes, and ultimately create the most value. Innovation emerges out of this deep partnership between design students and community members.

During the Safe Niños field research trip to Santiago, Chile, we learned that our partner, the Coaniquem pediatric burn center, embraces a holistic healing philosophy centered around the needs of the burned child as they grow — a rehabilitation process that can span over 18 years.

cocreation 2_dm15

Safe Niños student Rachel Moore (ENV) makes puppets with Antonela, a young patient at the Coaniquem pediatric burn rehabilitation center in Santiago, Chile.

One of the most moving things for us to witness is how Coaniquem’s integrated, child-centric approach to treatment is inspiring a new mode of the entire Safe Niños studio collaborating in a more integrated, holistic way. This incredible group of multi-disciplinary students are pushing new modes of co-creating engaging, innovative healing spaces hand in hand with kids, families, staff and medical professionals.

Penny Herscovitch & Dan Gottlieb
Associate Professors, Environmental Design Department


Dan Gottlieb and Penny Herscovitch are Los Angeles-based designers and design-educators. Together they lead the design studio, Padlab, and co-teach in the Environmental Design Department at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Padlab’s work encompasses materials research & innovation, illumination and spatial installation design.

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