Fresh Eyes Cuba Book

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July 11, 2017

The Fresh Eyes Cuba publication captures the cross-cultural experience of students and faculty from ArtCenter as they collaborated with students and faculty at ISDi on an intensive and immersive workshop in Havana, Cuba in October 2016.

Book Design – Tracey Shiffman with Ricardo Imperial and Simona Szabados, Shiffman & Kohnke

Photography  – Nik Hafermaas, Tracey Shiffman, Mariana Somma, Victor Artiga Rodriguez, Luisa Betancur, Tais Bishop, Karlo Francisco, Grace Haynes, Matthew Herrera, Ricardo Imperial, Ye-Eun Kim, Nicolas Ramirez, Suyu Ren, Michael Rosales, Isaac Ruiz, Eric Valez, Viviyan Zoechling and Lucia Loiso

Published by Designmatters