The Healing Tree Storybook (Spanish)

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August 15, 2017

Developed as a 30 page children’s book, “The Healing Tree” serves as a prequel to “The Healing Cloud” and follows the adventure of 2 burned children, Camillia and Lucas, on their quest to find a magical tree. Inspired by the mission and holistic practices of COANIQUEM, the story aims to capture the essence of COANIQUEM, the unique treatment departments and diverse cultures and geography of Chile into a dynamic and unique story, with details that will be instantly recognizable to the staff and long-term patients of COANIQUEM. The storybooks will be available in the lobby and other areas of COANIQUEM, and will be given to some longer-term patients to take home with them between visits.

Created by – Alvin Oei, Lori Nishikawa, and Lauren Medina

Illustrated by Belle Lee