Akshay Agrawal

City of Santa Monica Office of Civic Wellbeing

Interaction Design

Quote from Fellow

To join the team entrusted with the happiness of 22,000 Santa Monica Pico Neighborhood Residents is extremely humbling. As Experience Designers, our practice hinges on us developing empathy with our user’s problems. This will be a great opportunity to understand how to have conversations with citizens about sensitive and private topics like Happiness, Livelihood and Lifestyle, among others, and objectively analyze them from the viewpoint of city governance and convert them into policies. This is a research opportunity to purely understand human aspects of life and use it to advance human happiness – not using a brand can leverage that happiness. I couldn’t be more thankful, excited and honored to be part of this team! Thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity Designmatters and City of Santa Monica Office of Wellbeing team!

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