Dawn Hancock

Dawn Hancock is a troublemaker, a bleeding heart, a designer by trade and a do-gooder by choice. Two things she likes: ideas and people. She’s been known to put them together in a room, just to see what happens. She started Firebelly Design in 1999 with a simple mission: Good Design for Good Reason. Since then, she’s been diligent about hiring passionate overachievers, seeking out fearless allies and taking on projects with the potential to uplift communities.

In the Summer of 2016, Dawn Hancock visited ArtCenter College of Design for a week of her Designmmatters Residency. She visited classes, had meetings with Faculty, hosted a lecture entitled “The Kent Effect: Fueling The Fire” which focused on how personal and professional breakthroughs can happen within seemingly insignificant moments, shaping her life in remarkable ways. Dawn wrapped up her residency with “Workshopping Workshops”, a workshop for faculty and students in which Dawn explains a few of her many tools and strategies her Firebelly Design uses to conduct workshops, co-creation exercises, and uncover the questions clients didn’t even realize they should ask.