Karen Davison

City of Long Beach Innovation Team

Graphic Design

Quote from Fellow

As a Designmatters Fellow with the Long Beach Innovation Team, I was given the rare opportunity to experience firsthand the inner-workings of city government. I was incredibly lucky to work alongside a diverse and talented group of people who are passionate about the City of Long Beach and committed to making meaningful improvements for all of its residents.

To my surprise, I found it incredibly stimulating to participate in discussions about the local economy because we were able to talk about it in a very real and tangible way, not just as some abstract, academic concept. It was exciting to think that what we said and did could one day make a positive impact on people’s lives. Overall it was an eye-opening experience that has given me a whole new appreciation and insight into the complexities and challenges that are unique to government and the significant contribution that designers can make in the public sector.

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