Margaret Frye

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Graduate Industrial Design

Quote from Fellow

During my time at RMHC, a host of generous and dedicated people facilitated my research and aided my progress. I was invited into the local Ronald McDonald House, I toured the next level innovation center for McDonald’s and RMHC, and I visited far more restaurants in my brief time as a fellow than perhaps my entire life combined. During the Chicago Marathon, I worked alongside veteran staff to support the people who support the charity, and gained a greater appreciation of all that they do. Through Designmatters, I was offered the chance to tour some of the top design consulting firms in NYC – frog, IDEO, and Luminary Labs – and meet with talented professionals who offered valuable insights for the project. Not unlike the donation experience, many contributed in their own way to making this fellowship not just possible, but successful and enjoyable.

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Business for Social Innovation Fellow

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Restaurant Donation Innovation

Romeoville, IL
Fall 2014