Marie Williams

Marie Williams is a senior product development engineer, social entrepreneur, designer, and academic who has adopted co-design principles to collaboratively create contextual solutions to a variety of social and environmental challenges our world faces. A finalist to the Institute of Engineering Female engineer of the year finalist, her playful career has seen her collaboratively create sustainability-driven solutions within a range of industries, ranging from aerospace, to nuclear building design, to corporate social responsibility and most importantly play.

In 2016 she launched Dream Networks and began a journey to enable inclusive play4all children through the process of co-design. To date Dream Networks has collaborated with businesses, schools and communities in the UK and East Africa to bring sustainably built and diverse play to over 20,000 children. She is a PhD student at the Bartlett Institute of Global Prosperity, a 2021 exchange scholar at Yale School of Architecture, and a 2021/2022 senior lecturer associate at Bristol University Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

She is an advocate for children and youths’ right to change the spaces they inhabit through design that prioritizes the needs of the community and the environment.