Saeri Cho Dobson

Graphic Designer, Educator and Social Entrepreneur (Communication and New Media ’00)

Saeri Cho Dobson (Communication and New Media ’00) is a graphic designer, educator and social entrepreneur. Over the past 18 years as she pursued her artistic and typographic voice, Saeri embarked upon an introspective journey which reconnected to her cultural roots as she searched for a higher purpose for design. Her MFA from Art Center not only enabled her to teach, but also to find her passion: design thatf makes a difference in the world. As Cho-Dobson explored social causes that were meaningful to her, she uncovered stories of injustice that allowed her to focus the message of her artistic calling. Since the fundamental essence of any designer’s journey is to find the minimal space where form perfectly meets content, she decided to explore the art of visual storytelling through a variety of media, from sculpture, fashion & apparel, to gallery installations and typographic portraits. A consistent hallmark of her process has always been the perfect confluence of handcrafted mark making with manipulated digital imaging.