For the Future: Connecting Underserved Young Parents With Vital Resources


Sentient Research

Host department:

Graphic Design and Interaction Design

DM department:

Jennifer May, Executive Director
Sherry Hoffman, Faculty Director
Susannah Ramshaw, Associate Director
Garret Scullin, Senior Coordinator
Steven Butler, Media Coordinator
Schuyler Walter, Department Assistant
Brenda Rees, Case Study Writer
Lucia Loiso, Photographer


Jen Sorrell - Graphic Design
J.D. Buckley - Interaction Design


Michelle Affandy
Akshay Agrawal
Olivia Budinono
Christin Carolina
Derling Chen
Yan-Ting Chen
Kimberly Handoko
Chufan Huang
Seohyeon Lee
Peipei Lin
Gabriela Sudirja
Wenyuan Xu
Daniel Yoon
Karen Zou