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Fall 2011  

In this collaboration between Designmatters and the City of Pasadena, Illustration Department Chair, Ann Field was given the challenge to art direct a series of compelling bus shelter posters along with, recent graduate, Patrick Hruby (Illustration ’10) to help raise awareness for the Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter.


Art Center’s Designmatters group is such a wonderful and unique community resource.  They utilize their top quality design skills for socially beneficial purposes.  They were able to work with our local bad weather shelter to produce beautiful public service announcement posters to be placed in bus shelters throughout the City.  These posters will help the bad weather shelter to become a more sustainable organization by raising awareness of the crucial service they provide the homeless in Pasadena.

—William K. Huang , Housing Director,  Pasadena Housing  Department

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Project Overview



In the Fall of 2011, Designmatters partnered with the City of Pasadena and The Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter Program in order to develop an effective campaign to secure sustainable funding for the Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter.  Due to budget restraints and the recent economic downturn, local and federal funds for the shelter were cut considerably.  Rebecca Huang a local high school senior started a creative and doable program that would enable the shelter to continue to provide this humanitarian service for the homeless during the winter months.  If 100 local businesses and/or individuals became “Friends” of the shelter at $600 a year, they could raise enough money to offset the funds lost due to budget cuts.


I really appreciate Art Center being a part of this effort to continue the Bad Weather Shelter. The bus shelter poster designs are very creative and clever, and express our message beautifully!

—Rebecca Huang, High School Senior, Founder of Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter Program



The Bad Weather Shelter


In the winter of 1986-1987, nine homeless people died in Los Angeles county, one of the nine was found in Pasadena’s Memorial Park. These tragic deaths prompted the founding of Pasadena’s Bad Weather Shelter, which is run by the Ecumenical Council of Pasadena Area Congregations(ECPAC). There are approximately 1,216 homeless people in the City of Pasadena on any given day, only 20% are in shelters or transitional housing programs, leaving 80% out on the streets, subject to harsh weather conditions. The Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter, a collaborative effort of the City of Pasadena, congregations, local organizations and individuals, has provided shelter, resources and hot, healthy meals to the homeless during the winter months since its inception in 1986. The Ecumenical Council has administered the program since 1988.  During the 2008-2009 winter season, the shelter served  670 unduplicated individuals, including 94 children.  In the past, the $110,000 program was funded through a variety of sources: the City of Pasadena ($60,000), the Federal Government ( $25,000) and donations by congregations and individuals. The City of Pasadena once provided over half of the funding but recent city budget cuts have left the Shelter without it’s main source of financial support.


Working on the Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter project was a real honor and a very enriching experience.  Design is a powerful tool and being able to use it to help those less fortunate is, I believe, the highest calling for a designer.

—Patrick Hruby, Illustration Student

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In January of 2012, the City of Pasadena implemented 3 posters art directed by Ann Field and illustrated by alumnus Patrick Hruby, (Illustration, ’10) on 20 bus shelters throughout the city.  Each shelter features 2 posters to run for a minimum of 1 month.  So far, the campaign has raised roughly $15,000 from local businesses and individuals.  This is a great achievement and the Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter continue to work hard to reach their goal of $60,000.

To learn more about Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter or to donate click here.

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