Good Food for All: The FoodHub.LA Project

Host department:

Graphic Design
Nik Hafermaas, Chair

DM department:

Mariana Amatullo, Vice President and Cofounder
Jennifer May, Director
Susannah Ramshaw, Associate Director
Garret Scullin, Coordinator
Steven Butler, Media Manager


Guillaume Wolf, Graphic Design

Guest speakers:

Ron Finley, AKA The Gangsta Gardner
Esther Park, LA Food Policy Council
Daniel Rizik-Baer, LA Food Policy Council
Mika Black, Executive Director, Compton Business Chamber of Commerce


Lauren Ebeling, Graphic Design
Karlo Francisco, Graphic Design
Minji Gim, Interaction Design
Kathryn Hipke, Graphic Design
Linh Ho, Interaction Design
Ricardo Imperial, Graphic Design
Josephine Law, Graphic Design
Joseph Lombard, Film
Marylouise McGraw, Graphic Design
Yuma Naito, Graphic Design
Gianfranco Ocampo, Graphic Design
Mackenzie Pringle, Graphic Design
Nohemy Ramos, Graphic Design
Alessandro Stella, Graphic Design
Jaeyeun Yoon, Graphic Design

Special thanks:

Jack Hagopian and Arda Hagopian; the Compton Business Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director Mika Black and her grandfather; the LA Food Policy Council; Ron Finley; and members of the Compton Organic Community Garden.


Brenda Rees, Case Study
Lucia Loiso, Photography
Steven Butler, Photography

Teaching assistants:

Naomi Tirronen, Graphic Design
Kayla Salisbury, Illustration