Millennium Development Goals PSA Commissions



Summer 2004  

At the center of the partnership between ArtCenter and the UN is a commitment to the global agenda for development represented by the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, also known as the MDGs, or a blueprint for building a better world by 2015. These eight markers for development — cutting extreme poverty in half, putting all children into primary school, and stemming the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, among others, have become widely accepted benchmarks for progress that can be met if all involved “break with business as usual,” and dramatically accelerate high-impact initiatives. In order to achieve measurable outcomes, effective advocacy and potent visual campaigns are important to increase the global awareness of the MDGs.

Designmatters’ ongoing partnership with the US headquarters for the UN Millennium Campaign Project, has taken the MDGs’ framework as a launching point for engaging Film and Advertising students at ArtCenter to design and produce campaigns that can bring young designers’ voices into the midst of the public dialogue and reach out to young people around the world.