Real Change Movement

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Community Partners:

William Huang, Director of Housing, City of Pasadena
Anne Lansing, City of Pasadena, Housing, in charge of homelessness
Jaylene Mosely, President, Flintridge Center
Paul Little, President, CEO, Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
The Old Pasadena Playhouse
South Lake Business Improvement Districts
East West Bank

Implementation Partners:

Amy Nguyen, Saeshe, Account Supervisor, City Public Education and Public Outreach
Juan Villalpando, Saeshe

Host department:

Graphic Design
Nik Hafermaas, Chair

DM department:

Mariana Amatullo, Vice President and Cofounder
Elisa Ruffino, Director
Helen Cahng, Coordinator


Guillaume Wolf, Graphic Design


Elizabeth Levin, Advertising
Mona Gabaizadeh, Graphic Design
Julia Schelm, Graphic Design
Yetao Long, Photography
Ezekiel Lux, Photography
Vicky Moon, Photography
Andrew Salama, Photography

Teaching assistants:

Nancy Kwon
Aaron Fooshee