Fall 2017  

ArtCenter students partner with COANIQUEM, a Santiago, Chile based nonprofit that provides free holistic burn treatment to children from across Latin America. Interdisciplinary student teams will design charity thrift shops in Chile, to raise funds to support COANIQUEM’s free pediatric burn treatment, while building a community of socially engaged consumers & volunteers. 

Project Brief



Nonprofit charity shops are a new phenomenon in Chile. How might we develop high-impact, resourceful innovations for real-world implementation with COANIQUEM?

Propose holistic design solutions that elevate 3 areas:

• Retail Experience: Charity shop spatial design for engaging user experiences in a range of locations; Fixtures & lighting; Resourceful locations, such as houses & mobile shops

• Brand & Visual Communication: Brand identity & logo; Communicate social & sustainable messages to customers, donors, volunteers; Publicity campaigns; Spatial graphics

• Resource Strategy & Systems: Strategize new systems to collect, curate, store & distribute donations; Design supporting spaces; Strategize potential online store


Research Trip



The students and faculty will embark on a 2-week field research trip to Santiago, Chile August, 27 – September, 8.

First Week

Students will immerse themselves in the Chilean culture while working with the COANIQUEM charity retail employees to seek design opportunities within the store.

Second Week

Research insights will be vetted and the students will develop their initial design directions and present to Coaniquem before returning to ArtCenter to begin the design process.


Check below for ongoing updates, as the project progresses!



The Safe Ninos Team does a deep dive into understanding the charity thrift store experience by volunteering at the Coaniquem Store in Providencia, Santiago. Working closely with their Coaniquem partners, students utilize their diverse skills sets, backgrounds, and perspectives in their search for new and improved avenues of impact.


The Safe Ninos Team enjoys getting to know the children living at Casabierta, Coaniquem’s on-campus residence. Whether drawing Ferraris, making paper dolls and origami figures, talking fútbol, or taking Polaroids, students and children bond over shared interests and a love of creating!


The Safe Ninos Team gathered together with Coaniquem’s Jorge Goldsack, Gerente Fundación, and Maca Mujica, Director Tienda Solidaria, to brainstorm challenges facing the project. Short term and long term problems are prioritized and categorized by brand, retail experience, systems and strategy.

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