Study Away: Kyoto CULTURE // CRAFT



Fall 2017  

Kyoto CULTURE // CRAFT – hosted by Illustration & Product Design in collaboration with Kyoto Seika University – is a cultural exploration of Kyoto, Japan, a city as rich in its history and tradition as it is forward thinking. Participating students in the studio traveled to Kyoto for nearly two weeks to develop a unique perspective about the social, ecological and cultural significance of traditional making and crafting. In collaboration with students and faculty from Kyoto Seika University, ArtCenter students were exposed to a diversity of materials and design and first-hand access to expert craft makers and Japanese artists by way of lectures, workshops and excursions in Kyoto.

Upon returning to ArtCenter, students are using their newfound knowledge and insight to reexamine Southern Californian design. As a hybrid of Illustration Surface and Product Design, students are further developing both a design pattern and home goods product, with the unique opportunity to develop pattern and product side by side. Using a range of available mediums and inspiration from Japanese lifestyle and pop-culture, students are being challenged to develop products and textiles with an eye toward cultural sensitivity and expression, which also explore preservation and lifecycle of traditional art and craft in Kyoto.


Field Update 1



The team toured and met faculty from Kyoto Seika University; learned about re-branding a 100+ year-old tea caddy design; enjoyed traditional matcha tea and confectionary; and visited a forward-thinking Nishijin textile company.

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Field Update 2



The team participated in  Zen Meditation at Shorinji Temple, ate traditional plant-based Shojin Ryori cuisine, toured the Tofukuji Temple for visual inspiration and took in a short lecture at the International Manga museum!

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Field Update 3



The students were assigned in groups of 2-3 with their Japanese counterparts from Kyoto Seika University, for day one of the Bamboo Workshop

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Check back for ongoing updates, as the project progresses!

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