Symbiosis in Nature and Community


J. Craig Venter Institute, La Jolla

Host department:


DM department:

Jennifer May, Executive Director
Leigh Hoffman, Faculty Director
Kimberly Velazco, Program Manager
Garret Scullin, Senior Coordinator
Steven Butler, Creative Operations Manager


Eric Nyquist
Esther Pearl Watson
Steven Weissman
Audrey Murty (Teacher’s Assistant)

Guest speakers:

Dr. Christopher Dupont, associate professor of Microbial and Environmental Genomics at JCVI
Dr. Forest Rowher, professor of biology at San Diego State University
Dr. Shana Goffredi, associate professor of Biology, Occidental College
Dr. Marcelo Friere, associate professor of Genomic Medicine and Infectious Disease at JCVI
Kathryn Nyquist, global creative marketing manager at Netflix


Rachael Chan
Melissa Fernandez
Madison E. Griffin
Xiaoxuan Jia (Misa)
Faith King
Sophia H. Kiuchi
Yanqui Li
Amanda Oesef
Constant A. Pearson
Hannah J. Shin
Lili Todd
Yijun Zuo