The Next Wave: Know the Tsunami

Community Partners:

USGS SAFRR (Science Applications for Risk Reductions )

Host department:

Digital Motion Compositing


Ming Tai
Charles Rose
Paul Saskas, Assistant Professor

Expert advisors:

California Emergency Management Agency
Center for Research on Environmental Decisions
National Weather Service
Rand Corporation
UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters
Washington Emergency Management


Brian Fenner, Graduate Broadcast Cinema
Jorge Sandoval, Undergraduate, Film
Joseph Ahn, Graphic Design
Jee Suk Kim, Graphic Design
Joo-Ae Kim, Graphic Design
Yong Hoon Kim, Graphic Design
Joseph Lee, Graphic Design
Richard Morales, Graphic Design
Hsin-Yueh Wang, Graphic Design

Special thanks:

Sue Perry, Staff Scientist U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
Kate Long, Earthquake and Tsunami Program Deputy, California Emergency Management Agency
Dr. Lucile Jones, Science Advisor for Risk Reduction SAFRR Project, U.S. Geological Survey
John Bwarie, USGS
Erin Burkett, USGS