“Where’s Daryl?” Interaction Design Studio


Timothy D. Kordic, Los Angeles Unified School District - Health Education Programs, HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit

Host department:

Interaction Design, Maggie Hendrie, Chair

DM department:

Mariana Amatullo, PhD, Vice President and Cofounder
Jennifer May, Director
Susannah Ramshaw, Associate Director
Garret Scullin, Coordinator
Steven Butler, Media Coordinator
Brenda Rees, Case Study Writer
Lucia Loiso, Case Study Photographer


Todd Masilko, Associate Professor, Interaction Design

Expert advisors:

JD Buckley, Faculty, Interaction Design
Maria Moon, ArtCenter Alumna
Elisa Ruffino, Former Director of Designmatters


Aska Cheung, Interaction Design
Megan Elmassian, Photography
Sam Giambalvo, Interaction Design
Linh Ho, Interaction Design
Sukjae Lee, Interaction Design
Suyu Ren, Interaction Design

Special thanks:

Vista Middle School, Los Angeles Unified School District
Dan Rice, Director of Training, Answer, Rutgers University