Dawn Kim

International Rescue Committee


Quote from Fellow

In hindsight, the fellowship has been one of the best experiences  I’ve had as a student. Designmatters has given me an opportunity to work with a non-profit organization, which I never thought I would do. But after being involved with the work of the IRC, I’ve come to realize that humanitarian organizations need creatives more than ever. Considering that we’re hit with thousands of ads every day,  we’re now programmed to ignore all of them- even the  significant ones. Being a fellow challenged me as a creative, but  more importantly, reminded me of what really matters at the end of the day, which I tend to forget while I’m in school.

Partner Statement

I think what Dawn produced for us is far superior to any number of treatments submitted by some of today’s top advertising agencies —including those we have paid high fees for in the past. We are a complex organization with a complicated mission and infrastructure, working in difficult contexts. [Our fellow] was able to translate these thickets of meaning into elegant, compelling, even edgy creative that still articulated the IRC’s singular voice.

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International Development Fellow

International Rescue Committee

New York City
Fall 2009