SINC: Symbiosis in Nature and Community – Process Book

The SINC Process book documents the fourteen week “SINC” transdisciplinary studio In partnership with the J. Craig Venter Institute.

This Designmatters studio challenged ArtCenter students to explore, conceptualize and translate scientific research on symbiosis into compelling visuals that communicate scientific discoveries to a broad range of audiences.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. IOS 1926972.

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Design for Social Innovation: Case Studies from Around the World

Edited By Mariana Amatullo, Bryan Boyer, Jennifer May, Andrew Shea

Published by Routledge, 2021

481 Pages, 221 Color Illustrations

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Reimagining Access Final - Team Media

Reimagining Access Final – Team Media

Reimagining Access Final - Team Double Check

Reimagining Access Final – Team Double Check

Reimagining Access Final - Team Focus

Reimagining Access Final – Team Focus

Reimagining Access Final - Team B.O.B.

Reimagining Access Final – Team B.O.B.

Reimagining Access Final - Team Pinpoint

Reimagining Access Final – Team Pinpoint

Reimagining Access Final - Team Audio Assistant

Reimagining Access Final – Team Audio Assistant

Ethics in Design and Communication: Critical Perspectives

Designmatters’ Safe Niños case study featured in this publication that “… brings together critical, analytic, historical, and practical studies to address what ethics means in the practice of design.”


Edited by –  Laura Scherling and  Andrew DeRosa

Published by – Bloomsbury Visual Arts (February 20, 2020)


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Game On! Process Book

The Game On! Process book documents the fourteen week “Game On: Inspiring a Healthy L.A. for 2028” studio in which ArtCenter students explored the role of technology for a city-wide health initiative that aims to engage Los Angeles citizens in healthy activities while helping health researchers effectively gather and analyze data. Students developed apps as well as other technology-based and low-tech solutions for multiple interventions that also provide benefits for additional community stakeholders: the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP), Discovery Science Cube Los Angeles and Garmin International.


Designed by Eunice Han

Published by Designmatters

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Designing for Kids: Creating for Playing, Learning, and Growing


Designing for Kids” written by ArtCenter College of Design faculty member Krystina Castella brings together all a designer needs to know about developmental stages, play patterns, age transitions, playtesting, safety standards, materials and the daily lives of kids, providing a primer on the differences in designing for kids versus designing for adults.

Published by Routledge

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Collaborations of Consequence: NAKFI’s 15 Years Igniting Innovation at the Intersections of Disciplines.

Designmatters’ partnership with NAKFI is highlighted in this publication, along with a feature on our Seeing the Unseen: Visualizing Flow Patterns of Mesopelagic Ocean Eddies project.

Published by National Academies Keck Futures Initiative

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Imagining the Dreamhouse for the Future: A Designmatters Studio in Partnership with Barbie

This book documents the Imagining the Future of the Barbie Dreamhouse Studio in which a team of interdisciplinary ArtCenter students were challenged to envision innovative forward-thinking ways of reimagining the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse for 2022 by responding to the cultural and societal needs of children around the world while creatively predicting how people will live, work and play in the future.

Designed by Judy Torretti

Illustrated by Carson Brown

Published by Designmatters

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Public Interest Design Education Guidebook: Curricula, Strategies, and SEED Academic Case Studies

Educating the Next Generation of Social Innovators: Designmatters at ArtCenter

Written by Mariana Amatullo, Dan Gottlieb, Penny Herscovitch, and Susannah Ramshaw

This chapter is part of the SEED Networks 2017 Public Interest Design Education Guidebook published by Routledge with lead editors: Lisa M. Abendroth and Bryan Bell

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LEAP Dialogues: The Educator’s Guide

Since the 2016 Designmatters publication LEAP Dialogues: Career Pathways in Design for Social Innovation edited by Mariana Amatullo, Bryan Boyer, Liz Danzico and Andrew Shea, we have heard from many educators and students from around the world who have embraced the publication and used the content as an integral part of their studies and curricula. Inspired by these stories, Designmatters decided to create LEAP Dialogues: The Educator’s Guide, an open-source digest of some original content from the book along with new resources specifically tailored to educators.


Editor:  Mariana Amatullo

Editor:  Andrew Shea

Editor:  Jennifer May

Designer: TwoPoints.Net

Graduate Research Assistant:  Justine Esquivel

Copy Editor:  Alex Carswell

The Healing Tree Storybook (Spanish)

Developed as a 30 page children’s book, “The Healing Tree” serves as a prequel to “The Healing Cloud” and follows the adventure of 2 burned children, Camillia and Lucas, on their quest to find a magical tree. Inspired by the mission and holistic practices of COANIQUEM, the story aims to capture the essence of COANIQUEM, the unique treatment departments and diverse cultures and geography of Chile into a dynamic and unique story, with details that will be instantly recognizable to the staff and long-term patients of COANIQUEM. The storybooks will be available in the lobby and other areas of COANIQUEM, and will be given to some longer-term patients to take home with them between visits.

Created by – Alvin Oei, Lori Nishikawa, and Lauren Medina

Illustrated by Belle Lee

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Fresh Eyes Cuba Book

The Fresh Eyes Cuba publication captures the cross-cultural experience of students and faculty from ArtCenter as they collaborated with students and faculty at ISDi on an intensive and immersive workshop in Havana, Cuba in October 2016.

Book Design – Tracey Shiffman with Ricardo Imperial and Simona Szabados, Shiffman & Kohnke

Photography  – Nik Hafermaas, Tracey Shiffman, Mariana Somma, Victor Artiga Rodriguez, Luisa Betancur, Tais Bishop, Karlo Francisco, Grace Haynes, Matthew Herrera, Ricardo Imperial, Ye-Eun Kim, Nicolas Ramirez, Suyu Ren, Michael Rosales, Isaac Ruiz, Eric Valez, Viviyan Zoechling and Lucia Loiso

Published by Designmatters

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Design for the Future: Design Solutions to Create a Living World

The L.A. Earthquake Sourcebook is featured in this Korean publication on sustainable design for the future.

Written by Won Ho Cho

Published by Art Culture, 2017


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Transformations 7 Roles to Drive Change by Design

Mariana Amatullo contributes to this publication that serves as a useful guide on how, when and why to use design to drive change in organizations.


Written by – Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies, Kamil Michlewski

Published by –BIS Publishers




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Eco Research Lab: Environmental Design Topic Studio

A Designmatters publication on the field research, design process and outcomes of the Summer 2016 ECO Research Lab Environmental Design Topic Studio, Sustainable Futures.


Creative Direction –  James Meraz

Editorial Design & Photography – Stella Hernandez

Additional Photography – James Meraz, Emily Nyburg, Erin Kawagushi

Published by Designmatters

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The Designmatters Prospectus

This prospectus documents and celebrates 15 years of social impact design projects with a small cross section of case studies and testimonials that illustrate the breadth and impact of the Designmatters initiative.

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Safe Niños - Design for Holistic Healing

This book documents the two term Safe Niños project in which students reimagined the 6-acre campus of COANIQUEM, a nonprofit pediatric burn treatment facility in Santiago, Chile.

Designed by Leonardo Santamaria

Published by Designmatters

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Innovation for International Development: Navigating the Paths and Pitfalls
The Balancing Act of an Innovation Unit

Written by Chris Fabian & Mariana Amatullo

This article is part of Nesta’s 2016 Innovation for International Development Publication with lead authors Ben Ramalingam and Kirsten Bound

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Leap Dialogues: Career Pathways in Design For Social Innovation

LEAP Dialogues is a first of its kind book that explores the new career pathways in social innovation for designers, with contributions from 84 thought-leaders from across disciplines and sectors.  Leap Dialogues will be in bookstores through Distributed Arts Publishers Fall 2016.


Lead Editor – Mariana Amatullo

Editorial Team Members –  Bryan Boyer, Liz Danzico and Andrew Shea

Managing Editor – Jennifer May

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Design Strategy for Social Innovation Toolkit

This dynamic Toolkit engages undergraduate students from a range of disciplines in hands-on exercises in design thinking for social impact. Originally created by ArtCenter College of Design Associate Professors Penny Herscovitch & Dan Gottlieb for their award-winning Safe Agua educational initiative, they collaboratively adapted methodologies for the University of Southern California and other entrepreneurial educational programs. The Toolkit supports educators applying design principles within their courses and frames a term-long process of design education for social impact. Exercises help guide interdisciplinary student teams through the process of conducting field research; identifying key opportunities; co-creating with communities and partner organizations; and prototyping innovative products, systems, and social enterprises to address challenges facing local and global underserved communities.

Creation: Penny Herscovitch & Dan Gottlieb (Associate Professors, ArtCenter College of Design / Co-Founders, Padlab)

Development: Stella Hernandez (Instructor, ArtCenter College of Design and University of Southern California)

Adaptation: Abby Fifer Mandell (Executive Director, Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab and Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship, Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, USC Marshall School of Business)


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Unleashing the Girl Effect

A volume documenting the challenge to design accessible, affordable, life-improving tools for girls in diverse cultures the world over.

Designed by Adriana Crespo

Published by Designmatters

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Connective Tissue: Arthritis Foundation Book

“Connective Tissue” documents a collaboration with the Arthritis Foundation to create a multimedia campaign and contemporized brand strategy.

Designed by Sean Adams

Published by Designmatters

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Designing Here/Now: A Global Selection of Object, Concepts and Spaces for the Future

The Safe Agua Initiative is featured in this publication showcasing top designs from the Core 77 Design Awards.


Edited by Allan Chochinov (Editor), Eric Ludlum for Core 77.

Design for Policy

Mariana Amatullo contributes to this publication that charts the emergence of collaborative design approaches to innovation in public policy.

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DMI Review: Design and Purpose, the Social Innovation Issue

An interview with Designmatters Vice President Mariana Amatullo in the Social Innovation Issue of Design Management Institute’s quarterly publication.

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Safe Agua Colombia

This book documents the third iteration—in Altos del Pino, Bogotá—of the award-winning Safe Agua project addressing water poverty.

Designed by Adriana Crespo

Published by Designmatters

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Educational Technology for the Global Village: Worldwide Innovation and Best Practices

Designmatters leadership contributes a Safe Agua case study to this volume on worldwide innovation and best practices.

Published by Information Today, Inc.


Design and Social Impact: A Cross-Sectoral Agenda for Design, Education, Research and Practice

A thorough and insightful look at social impact design, produced by Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the NEA and the Lemelson Foundation.

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The Uncool Process Book

The Uncool Process Book follows the 2011 Uncool Project through two phases, which culminated in the development of the LAUSD “Where’s Daryl?” Educational Program.

Published by Designmatters

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Where's Daryl? Teacher's Guide

The “Where’s Daryl?” Teachers Guide is one of the outcomes of the Nathan Cummings Foundation funded Uncool Project.  The teacher’s guide was created to contain everything a teacher needs in order to spark critical thinking and discussion about the real negative impact guns can have on the lives and goals of young people.

Published by Designmatters

The UNCOOL Book Project

The UNCOOL Book project is one of many creative outcomes of Uncool: The Anti-Gun Violence Project. Students from Art Center’s Illustration Department developed four children’s books as a viable vehicle for anti-gun messages:

Mark and the Jelly Bean Monster by Ariel Lee

My Imagination Book by Juan Marco

Zoarmax 133′s Big Question by Kin Lok

Amos’ New Life by Vivian Shih

Published by Designmatters

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Aquarium of the Pacific: Coastal Resiliency Brochure

A brochure developed in a Graphic Design studio, Project Coastal Crisis, focusing on public education and action strategies to address rising sea levels.

Published by Designmatters

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Teen Art Park

The Teen Art Park Book, chronicles the two-term Environmental Design-led class, in which students addressed the day-to-day challenges and aspirations of greater Pasadena’s at-risk teenagers by designing an art park to foster safe, artistic expression.

Published by Designmatters

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The Safe Agua Book

This book captures a groundbreaking collaboration with the Chilean-based NGO, Un Techo Para Mi Pais, focusing on water innovation solutions for slum dwellers in Chile.

Published by Designmatters

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Es Tiempo Book

This book documents the processes and outcomes of a multifaceted cervical cancer prevention campaign for Latinas in Los Angeles.

Designed by Maria Moon

Published by Designmatters

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The L.A. Earthquake Sourcebook

A comprehensive companion piece published in conjunction with The Great Southern California ShakeOut.

Designed by Stefan Sagmeister

Published by Designmatters

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Images Speak

A chronicle of the Mpala Integrated Health Mobile Clinic for Remote Communities in Kenya project.

Published by Designmatters

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From Hi-Fi to Lo-Fi

This book documents a project to explore digital story-sharing in the developing world, with field projects in the Philippines and the Caribbean.

Published by Designmatters

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Nyumbani Village Concept Cards

The Nyumbani Village Concept Cards were developed to document research, findings and outcomes of the Nyumbani Village: Kenya project.

Published by Designmatters

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The Driven Environment in 2015

This book documents concepts in enhanced mobility design as developed in the Johnson Controls-sponsored “Driven Environment in 2015” studio.

Published by Designmatters

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This book presents the outcomes of an emotional studio addressing the stigma often associated with differences stemming from mental health, and other, issues.

A collaboration between The Agency @ Art Center and The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Published by Designmatters

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